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Collateral Repair Project (CRP) is a non-profit organisation in Amman, Jordan, that provides assistance to displaced victims of violent conflict since 2006. While originally founded to aid Iraqi refugees fleeing their country’s violence in the aftermath of the second Gulf War, CRP now serves refugees from Syria, Iraq, Somalia, Sudan, and Yemen, as well as vulnerable Jordanians.

CRP employs a multifaceted grassroots approach, with the ultimate goal of helping victims heal holistically in the aftermath of their displacement. The Emergency Assistance Program provides food vouchers and other essential items to refugees that are deemed to be in dire need, in accordance with our assessment criteria.

In addition to aiding beneficiaries survive day-to-day, we wish to take them to a place beyond survival, where they are able to thrive in the midst of their difficult circumstances, with the tools and psychosocial support they need. The community centers provide safe spaces for all beneficiaries to build community, as well as participate in educational, skill-building, and health and wellness programs. In a similar vein, the centers have programs working against gender-based violence, and emphasising women’s and youth’s empowerment.

There are two community centers, one in East Amman and Downtown Amman specifically, with these locations chosen to ensure the capacity to reach as many refugees as possible, without excluding particular communities because of distance.


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Anna Lindh Foundation (Jordan), Jordan INGO Forum

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