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verified non-profit organisations

Ongoing Supply of Used Computers for Refurbishment Verified non-profit organisation


Crossroads strongly supports the digital inclusion of the poor and needy. Crossroads does so by providing high quality refurbish computers at no cost to non-profit organisations and those in need both locally within Hong Kong and internationally. Crossroads Global Distribution attempts to bridge...

Poverty reduction through efficient rice farming in Laos


Laos is one of the least developed countries in the world. Hom district is the home of ethnic groups and is one of the poorest districts of Laos. Women are the most disadvantaged group. Association for Community Training and Development (ACTD) has worked here since five years and is aware the voice...

Reconstruction after the Thane cyclone devastation in India


The severe cyclonic storm “Thane“ that crossed Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry on 30th Dec 2011. Streets in Pondicherry were littered with damaged trees the next day. We were too scared to go out when it was still raining because we were not sure whether more trees would collapse. Even the tsunami did...

Support Protective Homes for Trafficking Victims in India


We regularly help girls/children victims of human trafficking trafficked from India, Bangladesh and Nepal and sold for forced prostitution in India and/or are sexually abused. They are physically and mentally tortured and brainwashed in brothels to force them to prostitute. The trafficked girls...

Help Cyclone Thane victims in India


In the end of December 2011, Cyclone Thane struck the Tamilnadu state, India. Due to this huge disaster, many places have been damaged severely, particularly Cuddalore and Puducherry District. The struggle is not completed within two days or two months. This disaster will be there for another 20...

Financial support needed for schools for Internally Displaced Persons in Burma and Thailand Verified non-profit organisation


We are helping 700 children within 9 schools, 8 of which are for Internally Displaced Persons(IDP’s) within the Karen State, and 1 school for the children of migrant workers in the Thai city of Maesot. In a country still fighting a three generation old war, with little prospect for personal...