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Tostan is an American NGO working with rural and remote communities in eight African countries. Tostan’s three year nonformal education programme, the Community Empowerment Programme (CEP), provides participants with knowledge and skills in human rights, health and hygiene, literacy, maths,...

Global Vision Over Haiti Today/ Vision Globale Sur Haiti D'aujourd'hui

Mission Statement Global Vision over Haiti today is a private, nonprofit Humanitarian organization founded on April 15, 2006 .Global’s mission is to provide consistent help, support to the poor and quake victims people living in diverse...

Victory Children's Homes International Foundation

Victory Children's Homes International FoundationNon is a Canadian NGO that operates childrens homes in third world countries.

APRONAD Costa Rica

The Association for the Promotion of New Development Alternatives (APRONAD), Costa Rica was created by a group of Costa Rican professionals with the support of consultants and international partners in 2004. APRONAD aims to promote a better quality of life for Costa Ricans and people in Central...

Fundacon Pan para un Abuelo

Fundacon Pan para un Abuelo is a Colombian NGO that works for needy elderly people, providing comprehensive care programmes which include nutrition, recreation, legal advice and health care.

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Food, clothes, bedding for elderly people in Medellin, Colombia

The foundation Bread for a Grandpa (“Pan para un Abuelo”) aims to provide the means for a decent life to elderly people. We work in the District 9 of Medellin, Colombia where elderly people become vulnerable due to their situation of abandonment and desolation. The foundation has grown from...

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Help street children in ​​Port-au-Prince, Haiti

The phenomenon of street children is found in almost all major cities of Haiti, particularly in the metropolitan area of ​​Port-au-Prince. The children live in very difficult conditions, doing odd jobs, begging and even thieving. The older ones sometimes become henchmen to carry illegal packages....

Kenya Education Fund

The Kenya Education Fund is a New York-based nonprofit organisation that provides educational scholarships to 500 high school and university students across Kenya. Each KEF-sponsored scholar receives 4 years coverage for high school tuition, room and board at a boarding school, school supplies,...

Papine Development Area Committee

The Papine Development Area Committee (PDAC) is an NGO in Jamaica with the responsibility to oversee development in the Papine area and to make recommendations to the relevant authorities.

Bicycles for Humanity

Bicycles for Humanity (B4H) is a global grassroots movement that collects used bicycles and ships them to developing countries. The movement is organised into chapters in different countries ,each of which collects and ships bikes.

Christian Development Foundation

The Christian Development Foundation is a faith-based community development organization based in Guyana. The organisation runs projects in a number of countries in South America, targeting people and communities in need. The organisation also assists organisations to develop business plans. ...

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Shipping 40ft container with 400 donated bikes to Mexico

"Bicycles for Humanity" is trying to help poor Mexican children by giving them bikes to get to school. In addition, giving the adults a way to improve their life by giving them bikes to get empowered. They can get water, go to work, get to health clinics and so much more. This project in called...

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American charity helping women, children and young people in rural Uganda

We focus on empowering AIDS orphans, kids in child-headed families, underprivileged youth, and women in rural communities. We strive to provide opportunities for education and sustainable development so they can become self-reliant. We believe that education is the best way to effect long-term...

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Save Lives of Jewish Cancer Patients

For many cancer patients, the sole chance of survival is a bone marrow transplant. To ensure success, donor and recipient must gentically match. The Jewish people, like all ethnic grups, tend to match other Jews. A Jewish reigistry, therefore, is vitally important. Prior to the founding of Ezer...

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Funding for Patriot 2 Patriot Program for Students in the US

At George Mason University there are several homeless students that are living in different parts of campus. I have created a program that would help these students with food insecurities have equal access to meals as everyone else in the Mason community has. The official proposal of this...

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ONGOING OFFER: Provision of 30 Litre Rotary Barrels for easier collection of potable water by women and children.

To work with partners including NGOs, agencies, voluntary groups, charities etc,. to provide 30 litre Rotary Water Barrels to replace the dirty unhealthy containers, buckets, jerry cans etc currently used by women and children to collect non potable water. The majority collect over long...

Vision of Community Fellowship (VOCF)

Vision of Community Fellowship (VOCF) is an American NGO that describes itself as a movement of new people, new leaders, and new communities. Services provided by the organisation include training, mentoring, and linking donors with grass-roots projects.

Resound Orlando, Inc.

Resound Orlando, Inc. is a community resource centre in Florida, USA, that provides job placements; English classes; feeding programmes; parenting resources and classes; an adoption programmel; and counselling (premarital, couple, individual, drugs, and other addictions). Resound Orlando is also...

Oroko Cultural Association

The Oroko Cultural Association is an NGO established to meet the needs of the Oroko people both in Cameroon and in the diaspora. The Association provides assistance to Oroko people motivating them to reach their full potential and fight poverty. The Association promotes education and economic...

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The "Cocoa Plan" between Nestlé and cocoa farmers

Nestlé is guided by the principle of creating shared value for shareholders and society in a manner that is integrally linked to its core business strategies and operations. It is called "Creating Shared Value (CSV)"; value created for shareholders, employees, farmers, consumers and the communities...