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Inclusive Business: Creating Value in Latin America


The Alliance for Inclusive Business is a joint effort of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) and SNV Netherlands Development Organization and has recently launched a report highlighting its joint work in Latin America over the past 4 years.

Accelerating Progress Towards the Millennium Development Goals Through Inclusive Business Delivering Results: Moving Towards Scale


Report on an inclusive business dialogue held 21 September 2010 during the UN summit on the millennium development goals.

Creating Value for All: Strategies for Doing Business with the Poor - a UNDP report


Creating Value for All: Strategies for Doing Business with the Poor is the new and groundbreaking report launched on 1 July by the UN Development Programme.

10 Companies With Social Responsibility at the Core


Article was written by Bob Liodice and orgininally appeared on

Opportunities for the Majority: Bank initiative that promotes and finances private sector business models


The Opportunities for the Majority (OMJ) Initiative promotes and finances market-based, sustainable business models that engage private sector companies, local governments and communities in the development and delivery of quality products and services for the majority of the population of Latin...

Guide for Effective Aid - Pan American Health Organisation (PAHO)


The South American branch of the World Health Organisation (WHO) has prepared a set of guidelines to assist relief organisations in sending effective aid to support disasters. The guidelines advise on what a relief organisation should do immediately after a disaster. Also listed are items that...

Technology Donation Guidelines


These guidelines refer to an American community school, but may be useful to donors who wish to donate technological hardware to NGOs or similar organisations.

Volunteering for Impact: Best Practices in International Corporate Volunteering


This paper produced for Pfizer and the Brookings Institute seeks to explore and understand the lessons learned among major corporations whose employees have engaged in international volunteering. While multiple studies have been published on domestic corporate volunteering activities, only a few...

Role of Employee Engagement in Disaster Response: Learning from Experience


Role of Employee Engagement in Disaster Response: Learning from Experience, a report, discusses the role of businesses in the relief, recovery and reconstruction process, of natural disasters. It presents an eight point plan for developing an employee engagement approach to disaster response....

Socially Inclusive Business: Engaging the Poor through Market Initiatives in Iberoamerica


The first section of this chapter defines its object and the main research questions that guided the researchers' collective efforts.