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One Good Deed

MISSION: To Foster Health and Wellness

VISION: Widening Access and Supporting Advanced Healthcare

The One Good Deed Foundation is where local and transnational institutions or individuals unite in influencing and facilitating development in an area of high relevance – universal health. One Good Deed shares the care in widening access to information and treatment. One Good Deed shares the care in supporting ground-breaking medical development for universal health. It all begins with ‘one good deed.’ Each individual or institution is invited to start by doing one good deed. You do what you can for health today. You can become actively engaged as a member, an I-care Ambassador, or through direct aid to the Foundation’s programmes, campaigns and events. Today, the One Good Deed’s management team, membership and ambassadors ‘pay it forward’ in ways that afford sustainable healthcare. They share the vision of care.


The Foundation adopts a global approach, aimed at influencing and imprinting a universal changing vision where pre-emptive care is an established practice and healthcare is accessible by all. Resources are directed at creating and implementing targeted programmes within the varied institutions and social structures to facilitate increased awareness, participation, best practices and behavior change. Resources are mobilized to implement programmes aimed at reducing barriers to affordable, reliable and necessary treatment. One Good Deed allows fluidity in finding ways to ensure patients affordable care. Resources are directed towards the development of products and services that advance healthcare.


The Foundation’s programmes, development support and outreach activities have been largely funded by the parent company, Optipharm, through joint ventures or collaborative endeavours with altruistic entities that build people and sustain the vision.


The goals are based on the global health and wellness climate, as they pinpoint areas of need within varied structures and/or communities and find ways to fill the gaps. There is latitude in developing needs based programmes as reseach may direct to varied areas of healthcare.

GOALS (2016 – 2021):

•To reorient the individual’s mindset to a culture of preventative maintenance in health/eye care

•To reduce the barriers to affordable health/eye care

•To widen access to existing and new treatments

•To sensitize individuals about the importance, benefits and ways of health/eye care – best practices for health and wellness

•To reduce the number of individuals who suffer vision loss or blindness that may be avoided

•Reduce corneal scarring and blindness among at risk children

•To maintain optimal vision during the individual’s life cycle

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