BNP Paribas Assurance expands gender equality initiatives in partnership with NGO Aide et Action

BNP Paribas Assurance has signed a three year partnership with the NGO Aide et Action, which promotes access to quality education for all in the 21 countries where it is present.

BNP Paribas Assurance is reaching beyond initiatives taken within the company itself to provide support for the Aide et Action association helping educate young girls in disadvantaged countries. Support centers on West Africa, a region where diverse economic and cultural factors make education for young girl a priority. The partnership has funded four projects in Benin, Mali, Niger and Senegal. This aid has enabled the students to receive a complete, quality education in a healthy and secure environment.

BNP Paribas promotes diversity and places particular priority on fighting against all forms of discrimination and on promoting equal opportunity regardless of origins, age, disabilities or gender. Education for young girls in developing nations resonates powerfully with BNP Paribas Assurance’s three-fold commitment to aid for local development, diversity and gender equality. The objective is to prepare the young girls to play a role not just in their families, but also in the economic and political life of their communities.

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Partnership types

Advocacy of global issues; Project funding

Regions / countries / territories

Africa: Benin; Mali; Niger; Senegal

Global issues

Education and training; Financial accessibility and management; Gender issues

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