Educational Support and Health Organization

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Educational Support and Health Organization® (ESHO Uganda) is a beneficiary oriented grass root Organization that was started by educationalist in April 2014.

The Organization is operating in Northern Uganda which was severely affected by a diversity of social, economic, political and health problems, chief among them of all: lack of Quality education, poor health, HIV/AIDS, unemployment, lack of empowerment and poverty.

With the help of dedicated Board, the Organization is undergoing a fundamental process at its initial stage geared towards consolidating its resource mobilization so as to more effectively and efficiently reach a larger marginalized community like youth, aged, married couples, PwP’s, PLWD’s, stigmatized positive living mothers, children, school dropout as well as orphans.

Below are some work of the Organization :

Promoting and encouraging families affected by HIV/AIDS especially Orphans left through sighting their inner talents and developing them so that they can earn a living

- Counselling and human development
- Disseminating information on behavioural related issues that foster positive attitudes in making rational decisions and choices by young people
- Enhancing realisation of human rights and equal opportunities for all
- Building capacity of local community on values of peace and justice
- Increasing access to services that directly or indirectly affect developmental services and infrastructure
- Providing psycho-social development support and revitalisation of culture/tradition to children and youth
- Strengthening families through fighting food insecurity, malnutrition and promotion of good hygiene.


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Less than 500,000

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Africa: Kenya

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Arts and culture; Community development; Education and training; Human rights; all (6)

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Advocacy and legal services; Agriculture and livestock; Manufacturing; Medical all (4)


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