Incaest International

Unverified non-profit organisation

Incaest International aims to combat exclusion by cultivating inclusion… consequently sustainably improving the living conditions and autonomy of persons with disabilities via access to essential services, social insertion and social inclusion." 

The organization recently got registered under the Private Voluntary Organisations Act by the responsible Board.

Incaest International’s goals are : providing support to the newly disabled persons in trauma management and help them to continue participating in their economic, technological, social, religious etc circles. It also aims at creating an enabling environment for those already with disabilities to realize their full potential in areas they are gifted in be it in art, academics, sports, entrepreneurial etc. It also provides urgent assistance to families of persons with disabilities, most of whom who rely on begging and vending on public buses, trains and streets for a living… whose livelihoods were directly or indirectly affected by the Covid19 pandemic and the current lockdown. The majority of whom are unfortunately being discriminated from food aid programs currently arranged by various organisations. 


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Project funding; Provision of services / personnel

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Africa: Zimbabwe

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Education and training; Food security and nutrition; HIV/AIDS, TB, malaria, health all (3)