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Trees for Kenya is a Non-governmental organization formed in the year 2012. The organization has been involved with activities aimed at fighting change through restorations of some of the most degraded forest lands here in Kenya, supporting farmers to undertake farm forestry and also greening schools. Besides those activities, Trees for Kenya has also been supporting women’s with energy conservation stoves aimed at reducing fuel wood usage and emission of black carbon into the atmosphere. The organization has also been involved with agroforestry trainings and sensitization of communities living adjacent natural forests on the importance of conserving their forests.

Since 2012, the organization has been able to plant more than 550,000 trees in some of the most degraded forest lands, plant over 3,000,000 trees with farmers on their farms and also plant more than 60,000 trees in schools. Through their programs, farmers have been able to improve their crop yields, increase both meat and milk production by 25% and 45% respectively. They have also been able to increase their earning from below $1 to around $3.5 in a day. Trees for Kenya aims to continue with the organization’s activities and plant more than 50 million trees with 10 years and get over 1 million people out of poverty.


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500,000 - 1 million

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