ASAL Youth Development Association (AYDA)

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ASAL Youth Development Association (AYDA) is non-profit and non-governmental organization founded in 2001 in Somalia to articulate the concerns of most vulnerable women, children, minorities, people with disabilities, refugees and IDPs in Somalia. The organization’s thematic areas of work are mainly education and skills training, humanitarian emergencies, food security, human rights protection and advocacy, disability inclusion and good governance and democracy. The organization has strong capacity in project planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation. Since its founding date in 2001, the NGO has implemented many projects in Somalia in Partnership with FORUM SYD, WFP, UNHABITAT, UNHCR, IOM, AAH, NEC, UNICEF, SSLCO and other Government Institutions operating in Somalia. This organization has its well-equipped head quarter office in Hargeisa and its branch offices in Mogadisho and Garoowe in Somalia. The organization has currently 35 technical field staff members throughout Somalia with required specializations related to the project management.


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ASAL Youth Development Association (AYDA) is a member of the following Networks: 1. Somaliland National Youth Organization (SONYO). 2. Somaliland Non-State Actors (SONSAF) 3. Somaliland Food Security Cluster 4. Somaliland National Disability Federation (SNDF)

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