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Life Link Foundation is a local (NGO) located in Bundibugyo district, it was formed in 2008 with an aim of reducing the sufferings of the poor families affected with problems which among others are diseases, poverty, domestic violence, food insecurity and illiteracy. The organization is now registered with the National NGO Board under NGO REG. No. 11179. It currently operates in Bundibugyo district and its activities will be extended to other districts in Rwenzori region due to demand.


Alleviating the suffering of the people in poorest communities through sustainable grassroots initiatives aimed at local empowerment, access to health services and educational opportunities in an effort to fulfill basic human rights and developments.

Objectives of LLF

To enhance poverty reduction through a culture of savings and credit, Sustainable Agriculture, Environment management and Deserter response. To promote the welfare of the vulnerable groups of people like the women disadvantaged children, the aged and people with disabilities. To promote Innovative life skills training for the poor to earn a living. To promote education through mass mobilization and sensitization complain and establishment of good schools. To build a strong resource for monitoring and evaluating the public resources in the communities.


  • Life Link Foundation has managed to grow from a CBO status to a local Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) and attained registration from the National NGO Board Kampala under registration No. 11179.
  • Have managed to mobilize the communities and formed 26 affiliate groups through which LLF with; 7 are being supported and the 16 have not been supported due to inadequate funds.
  • Have been supporting and continue to support 120 women in 7 groups, 30 widows and single mothers with empowerment loans using local funds and some donated by TZEDEK UK.
  • Have recommended and helped 4 groups to lobby for projects support from deferent local government programs and have been partially supported.
  • LLF has, with support from Dutch Albert Schweitzer foundation of Netherlands and Child Health Foundation (CHF), managed to promote health and sanitation in some communities and selected schools
  • Managed to mobilize and sensitize farmers for bulking and collective marketing of their cocoa beans for better prices.
  • Bought 3 Senke Model motorcycles to easy staff transport to and from the field.
  • We have established a Veterinary and ago-input shop and a coffee nursery bed for income generation to ensure that the foundation has sustainable income projects.


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Less than 500,000

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Global Giving Centenary Bank in Uganda TZEDEK UK

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