Children's Welfare and Social Action Movement

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Children’s Welfare and Social Action Movement –SL (CHIWSAMSL) is a state registered non-governmental, non-profit and not religious indigenous humanitarian movement with the government of Sierra Leone through the Ministry of Social Welfare Gender and Children Affairs (MSWGCA), Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education, Ministry of Health and Sanitation, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food Security with legal status to undertake Welfare actions for needy children and Sustainable Livelihood for poorer blind and handicap families with children.

ChiWSAM-SL reaches the hardest to reach orphans, street kids and all other vulnerable children in Sierra Leone. ChiWSAM-SL seeking and promoting the welfare of vulnerable children such as: abused and abandon children, orphans, orphans and needy children in children’s home, children in prostitution, street children, children who are in conflict with the law, child domestic workers/labourers, child mothers as a result of early marriage or teen pregnancy, children who are heads of household, children that cares for their terminally ill parents over a long period of time, displaced children and children with disabilities.

VISION: ChiWSAM-SL vision every vulnerable child especially orphans and street children as potentials for security and societal development who must have the safety, provision, respect, care, education, justice, protection, attention, love they need and be valued by their community.


To promote, seek, defend and protect the wellbeing, happiness, good, safety, health, prosperity and benefit of children. To educate and to provide support for orphans and all vulnerable children (OVCs) for a positive sustainable change. ChiWSAM-SL is also established to address realistic needy situations of parents such as those terminally ill parents over a long period of time who fully depends on the daily support of their children (under the age of 18) for livelihood.

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