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Let Ghana is Ghanaian owned company designed to offer services to both males and females in the rural and urban areas in Ghana. Established in August 2016, the company is aimed at offering livelihood empowerment, entrepreneurial support and skills acquisition to clients through recycling for a cleaner healthier environment.

Let Ghana does not only produce but also train in the designing and making of the various products which are useful and needed on the Ghanaian market and give those trained an opportunity to earn income.

In this period of high levels of unemployment among the youth, both with formal and informal education, the establishment of this company comes into being at such a time where rural urban migration is highly patronised and early and forced marriages is a bone to contend with among teenage girls. Empowering clients to become independent through skills acquisition and livelihood empowerment is the sole mandate of Let Ghana. The company seeks to train and empower people to produce various household detergents and from plastics, produces bags, bracelet and slippers.


• To become a leading company that trains over three hundred people yearly in the next few years
• To be internationally recognized in the World
• To help reduce early and forced marriages by making young girls independent
• To establish a vocational and technical school in the next few years



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Less than 500,000

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