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Women for Change Organization (WFCO) is a Non-Governmental Organization registered in the year 2007 by the NGO registration Board under the NGO Act as a non-profit making body. It is run by a group of local women and a few men and collaborate with other community-based women groups and faith-based organizations countrywide in finding ways that would uplift the living standards of the women-folk. The group’s main objective is to involve and work with women at the grass root level in various local communities in improving their living standards.

United, sensitized and informed women have the strength to change the condition of their surroundings. WFCO has rallied women to act with unison and with one voice to change their world. It mobilizes and sensitizes women by capacity building on their strength to increase their competencies in dealing with life issues. This approach involves building the capacity of women to serve as frontline trainers and using the trained women to train others. This involves working with target beneficiaries (women groups/organizations) to reach other women.

In using this approach, WFCO has involved many women in activities that promote the welfare of those living in poverty, especially women.

Other areas involved in:

Water, food / nutrition, agriculture, health / medicine / HIVAIDS, clothing, energy, disaster response, humanitarian Aid, job creation, orphans and elderly, education

Scope of Operation

Women for Change Organization operates throughout Kenya in rural communities where women are living under extreme poverty, are forgotten and wish to improve on their condition.Women for Change Organization uses the power of trained women to train others. It starts by building the capacity of a group of women who are used as frontline workers to build the capacities of fellow members. Women for Change Organization has discovered that rallying women to form groups and working through these groups creates a united front for women.



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Community development; Education and training; Gender issues; Human rights

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