Twende Kazi

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Twende Kazi is a Swahiri word which means “let us go to work”. We are a fully registered group of Ugandan youths who came together in 2016 to mobilize and encourage citizens especially our fellow youths to get involved in the programs which back up their personal and country’s (Uganda) agenda development plans.

In the framework of Twende Kazi, youths are identified, mobilized and trained from farming demonstration centers, to access knowledge, skills and competencies in being independent for sustainable development. The motive is to make sure that youths are sent back from urban areas with farming enough land to their respective communities to initiate their own income generating projects where they can be able to earn a livelihood more especially using agriculture technics of farming.

Twende Kazi therefore avails the youth with a robust platform that connects them to the available opportunities existing in agricultural sector. It also encourages the youths to share their experiences, ideas and local innovations to inspire other youths both locally and internationally.


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