Institute of Social Research and Development (ISRAD)-Ghana

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ISRAD is a non-profit local development organization that has been providing development services since 2006. It was founded to undertake integrated development research, design and manage development programmes to improve the lives of people. Since its inception, ISRAD has implemented projects funded by DFID, Plan Ghana, UNICEF, USAID/PMI,Global Fund, GRAMEAN Foundation, Palladuim and Warren Buffet Foundation, focusing on malaria, local governance and decentralization, HIV/AIDS and Sexual and Reproductive

ISRAD’s work is guided by the following principles:

• Follow community priorities: ISRAD uses
a participatory process to guide the
Communities and clients they serve to identify
their own needs.
• Led by demand: ISRAD undertakes
projects that the community and local
government identify as priorities and transfers the completed projects to the suitably-prepared hands of the community
and local authorities.
• Work locally: ISRAD creates solutions
appropriate to the region where they are
implemented, employing, wherever possible,
local labor and materials.
• Form productive partnerships: ISRAD
partners with communities, government, the
private sector and other international and local organizations and fosters ongoing partnerships among these entities to ensure that their projects have the greatest positive impact possible for the communities with whom they work.

ISRAD focuses, among others, on:
• Conduct research into development issues
• Design and manage development programmes
• Women empowerment and gender based violence
• Monitor and evaluate development programmes
• Provide professional services to people and organizations
• Building the capacity of community-based organizations that provide health services to vulnerable households.
• Promoting better hygiene practices and increasing access to clean water and improved sanitation options.
• Preventing gender-based violence through community mobilization and training of key service providers.
• Promoting sustainable, livelihood-based approaches that help vulnerable people to work their way out of poverty and provide for their health and social needs.
• Providing Geographical Information Systems(GIS) and Mapping services


Year established


Organisation annual cash turnover (in US$ equivalent)

500,000 - 1 million

Participant in relevant networks

Ghana Coalition of NGOS in Health Ghana Coalition of NGOS in Malaria Hope for Future Generations (HFFG0, Youth Development, Research and Innovation Centre (YOUDRIC)and ISRAD

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Africa: Ghana

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