African Child In Need

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African Child In Need (ACIN) is non–governmental, non-profit making, and non-political. It’s an NGO that operates to long term sustainable health and education, child support, prevention and protection of child abuse and neglect through strengthening implementation of activities in the areas of advocacy and service delivery, working with vulnerable children and communities for sustained impact dedicated to the reduction and elimination of poverty in the lives of vulnerable children.

ACIN is dedicated to ensuring every child has the best chance for success. They run programmes that give children a healthy start, the opportunity to learn and protection from harm.

As caregivers on children, they inspire and achieve lasting impact for most vulnerable girls and boys. By transforming children lives early, they change the course of their future and more so for girls that are more likely to marry young, have children early and spend their life in poverty. ACIN gives girls opportunity to receive education to improve their own lives and those of their families, helping to break the cycle of poverty by addressing the barriers and keep girls and boys in school.

African Child In Need (ACIN) runs programmes to provide best practice social integration of children, youth and families, protected from risks and abuse, support children go to school, young people to find gainful employment and families to be able to support and love their own children in order to achieve this. ACIN have developed a holistic social integration cycle of projects that are implemented directly.


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The Great Commission Foundation, Mully Children's Family, Cki-Ki Children's Charity, NGO Forum Uganda

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