Center for Action and Applied Research for Development

(For-profit organisation)

Center for Action and Applied Research for Development (CAARD) was launched in the Rwenzori region of Uganda in May 2014. The company was born from the desire to develop the exchange of knowledge at local, national and global levels in a reliable and ethical manner, and to promote informed decision-making.
Through their services, local and international clients can access the knowledge and skills that are necessary for carrying out research and training, academic and creative writing, translation, publication and software development.
Collaboration is key to their approach: to work as a team with organizations, individuals and local communities, establishing common objectives and developing capacity. Ethical methods, transparency, and respect for the environment, cultural values and individual rights form our core values.

1. Conduct all types of research projects, trainings, M&E, & impact assessments.
2. Facilitate production of publications.
3. To initiate and implement development interventions.
4. Develop customer oriented IT software programmes.
5. Develop and maintain a database for information on areas of public.
6. Link individuals and organizations to potential funders and vice versa.
7. Promote awareness and sustainable utilisation of natural resources.
8. Partner with various organizations to ensure the sustainability of projects they implement.
9. Link foreign students to internship opportunities and local students to study opportunities abroad.
10. Provide transport services to individuals and organizations.


Year established


Organisation annual cash turnover (in US$ equivalent)

Less than 500,000

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Mountains of the Moon University Universal Tax Education Foundation (U) Limited

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Advocacy of global issues; Doing business with the poor; Project funding; Provision all (5)

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Africa: Uganda

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Education and training; Information and communications technologies