Centre for Youth and Development

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Centre for Youth and Development (CYD) is a Malawian child, youth and women focused development organization, which was established in the year 2012 to facilitate positive and sustainable change for children, youth and women in Malawi. Today, CYD has become one of Malawi’s efficient and effective non-governmental development organizations.

The VISION of Centre for Youth and Development is a society which allows every marginalized person to grow and develop to their full potential

The MISSION of Centre for Youth and Development is to facilitate the empowerment of marginalized persons, their families, communities and work/collaborate with the government to provide them with the best environment for sustainable development

The OBJECTIVES of Centre for Youth and Development are to;
1. Facilitate and support the development of quality, holistic and inclusive education
2. Promote equal access to relevant affordable health services
3. Improve the living conditions of the most marginalized persons (youths, women and people with disabilities) in the society, for inclusive socioeconomic development
4. Enhance positive cultural activities that embrace people’s diversity and peaceful cohesion in the society
5. Promote efficient and sustainable natural resources management skills of local people
6. Strengthen the position of civil society in ensuring good governance and accountability.

CYD endeavors to support the Government of Malawi in interventions in the following areas but shall not be limited to: Education; Health; Livelihoods; Culture; Governance; Natural Resources Management. In all the interventions we leverage ICT for development.



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Less than 500,000

Participant in relevant networks

Network of African Youths for Development; Malawi Scotland Partnership; Scotland Malawi Partnership; International Youth Federation; National Youth Council of Malawi; Malawi Network against Trafficking; Malawi Human Rights Youth Network; District AIDS Coordinating Committees (DACC); District Child Protection Networks; National Youth Network on Climate Change; World Youth Alliance

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