Femmes Rurales Amies de la Paix et du Développement (FERAPAD)

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FERAPAD asbl is a non-profit women’s organization whose mission is to work with rural women’s communities locally to promote the rights of women and their girl children who have long been disregarded by men who are adamant of custom. FERAPAD’s intervention policy is “working with rural people in their respective environments for a better future”. Strategies and priorities are set and set by the rural women’s communities themselves in self-reflection sessions for themselves and themselves. The financing of the activities of the Rural Women Friends of Peace and Development, FERAPAD in acronyms, comes from the income-generating activities that are carried out by the rural women themselves in their countries first, and the support of benefactors and external donors come after " The fields of intervention of FERAPAD are: The promotion and the defense of the rights of the rural woman and her children girls victims of misdeeds of the local customs, the Peace and the community connection, the promotion of the good local governance, the health , food security and education.



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Nous sommes à la recherche des partenaires qui puissent appuyer notre travail. Les personnes physiques comme les personnes morales sont les bienvenues. Les volontaires qui veulent venir échanger avec nous de l'expérience nous les approchons aussi. FERAPAD asbl

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