Ikongo Rural Development Association

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Ikongo Rural Development Association (IRDA) is a registered Non-Governmental (NGO) that provides Voluntary Social Service. The organisation was registered in 1998 bearing the number S.5914/2211. It was formed by a group of women and Men social Activists who are all experienced in the field of development and social services. The organisation has bank account number 6820400246 at Centenary Rural Development Bank – Bwera branch and operates in Bukonzo County; Kasese District-Uganda. The organisation offers voluntary services. IRDA strives to bring social services to the hopeless, deprived and weaker sections of the society irrespective of caste, creed, colour and religion.
Since its inception the Organisation has carried out many development activities and issue based programmes especially for the empowerment such as the ,women, Youth, and other unorganized sectors of the society through support and counteraction programmes with the aim of translating aproaches into meaningful expression of Social Action and Development.
Ikongo Rural Development Association was formed mainly to reach out the poor communities of the society. Thus IRDA is planning to develop strategies on Agric Business Development sector, Economic Empowerment, Farmer Family Training Centre” for community’ development.

IRDA aims to promote livelihoods and development of communities at all levels and all the sections of people in the targeted area. The organisation also aims generating a base on ground realities of the concerned issues with the view of creating awareness by way of information dissemination. This will help to create interest among communities to work with Ikongo Rural development Association ensuring capacity building.. This involves all the stakeholders in all the programs as partners at all levels and proper planning as well as implementation. Equally IRDA had aims to sensitize community about community development, and other development issues in the working area and create awareness on environment protection; sustainable agriculture in community and reducing child labour in the operational area; make access to the services among farming communities in the operational area.

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