Nyabohanse Children Rescue Centre

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Since 2007 Nyabohanse Children Rescue Centre has existed as a local network promoting children’s participation in health and development. Nyabohanse Children Rescue Centre is a Kenyan NGO and was formally established in 2009 and is based at Isebania in Migori County. Over the past 5 years NCRC is known to have impacted over 5,000 children annually.
In order to achieve their mission they promote child-centred, active learning approaches that engage children on health and development issues. Children then disseminate their learning to other children, their families and their wider communities through participatory research activities.
To advocate for these approaches the Organization is planning to produces publications and teachings aids and provide training courses and consultancies. They work through both local partners in-country as well as through large international organisations such as UNICEF and Geneva.
The Centre aims to promote the health and well-being of children, young people, their families and communities through the participation of the children themselves, and also to work for the rights of children. The Centre is actively working towards the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals. Their Mission is to encourage and enable children and young people to promote the holistic health, well-being and development of themselves, their families and their communities. They aim to better the lives of the poor families in rural set ups for better survival and sustainable development.
They believe in children’s active participation and in respecting their freedom of expression and communication, which are advocated in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.
They believe that child protection is crucial to ensuring that children under 18 years of age have the rights, confidence and environment in which they can make choices, express their views and communication effectively with other children and adults.
Children cannot become empowered change agents to improve their lives and that of their families and communities if they are not safeguarded from abuse, discrimination and harm of any kind, be it physical, sexual, emotional or neglect.



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