Shoble Social Development Centre

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The SHOBLE social development center is a humanitarian non-profit community based organization that is established to provide assistance in Emergency relief, Rehabilitation, Peace building, Child protection and sustainable development. SSDC was established in response to the increased human suffering in Somalia due to the combination of challenges ranging from civil strife to drought. Its vision is to lead supportive action in relief and development of poor communities and maintain sustainable human development programs in different sectors. Their mission is to work on the elimination of poverty and contribute to the undertaking of effective projects that aim to empower social economic situation of the most vulnerable and marginalized communities by Educating, protecting and directly supporting the orphans and vulnerable children and their families, and empowering women by creating income generating projects and development programs. The Centre also aims to promote health, support small scale farmers and to advocate for peace and respect for human rights.


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Participant in relevant networks

Somalia Diaspora (UK); Somali outh Development Network SOYDEN

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Advocacy of global issues; Project funding

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Africa: Somalia

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Community development; Disability issues; Disasters and humanitarian affairs ; all (7)

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Agriculture, aquaculture & forestry; Environmental; Shelter & construction


Somalia; East Africa Drought