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The continuing growth and the attendant rapid physical expansions increase the pressure on both rural and urban resources. The so called rural crisis is a composite syndrome of resource taping poor planning and overall County Economic Problems.
These problems have manifested in inadequate infrastructure, uneven distribution of raw resources cause by de-motivation and break of morale. The unique demographic studies has hence on reference to joblessness in rural areas resulted to introduction of slums, shanties etc. where the quality of the place is extremely poor. The combined of these effective problems has resulted to needs e.g. (food, shelter and medicine). The most visible manifestation is wide spread of malnutrition is shaking the sense of live hood.

One of the most and perhaps the most effective strategy is to increase egg and white meat. (Fish farming and dairy farming and rabbi try) using the current community mobilization (participatory approaching resource management) to undertake the task, the project on rural poultry farming technologies as a major motivating aspect that could mobilize the community based rural and which could only improve the nutrition status of the rural poor but also generate income and employment on individual members and general community maximizing utilization of the already available resources at their disposal. The project will be a role model for action to the other areas with related problems


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