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The college was started by group of social workers when identified need of starting education centre for higher education in kasese when severe wars and tribal conflicts hard plundered economies of the area leaving populations in poverty and illiteracy .population that characterized of wars and poverty.


PROJECT TITLE:TO Enhance multimedia and IT training skill for jobs creation Uganda.
African ark college of management sciences – Uganda is a nonprofit non government organization (NGO) that is located in Kasese, Uganda. AACMS – Uganda was founded to tackle human rights and democratic issues that women face in and around Western Uganda. The mission of the COLLEGE is to empower women, vulnerable children and most at risk population (MARP) for healthy and positive living through the provision of VOCATIONAL education and vital resources.


Computers and proper infrastructure are currently scarce in Kasese, thereby hindering the deployment of IT training to local women. The objective of this program is to provide computer-based multimedia training to 300 young women at a learning center in Kasese, Uganda, in order to improve their employability.


The proposal is to provide necessary computers,Construction of computer lab,E-Learning centre as well as information and communication technology equipment for the women And young girls. The learning center in Kasese would also benefit from the development of multimedia courses,IT and vocational training to ensure that these aspiring women have adequate skills to launch their professional careers.

How can YOU help?

Your gift of financial donations will be used to purchase the computers ,construction of college lab,establish E-learning center and other necessary information and communication technology equipment. Additionally, you may assist with the development of the proposed courses to provide professional education to the women


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