Ghana humanitarian customs regulations

This document was submitted in response to a questionnaire distributed by Global Hand regarding humanitarian customs information. It provides regulations for importing humanitarian aid into Ghana.

Required Documents

  • bill of lading/airway bill
  • packing list

Prohibited Goods

Unwholesome goods/food, for example, those with expired date etc, are not permitted entry into Ghana as humanitarian aid. For further information on specific goods, contact Ghana customs.

Tax Exemption

Ghana offers tax exemption on humanitarian cargo. This tax exemption applies only to goods for health and education. NGOs must pay import duties on all other goods. To qualify as an NGO in Ghana, organisations are requested to register as non-profit companies under the companies code of Ghana 1963, and with the Department of Social Welfare supervised by the NGOs Desk of the Ministry of Manpower and Employment. NGOs are also to ensure full compliance with the companies Code, namely to keep proper books of account and to have their accounts audited.

PreShipment Application

  • Pre-shipment application is now replaced by destination inspection, which is conducted by Ghana Gateway Services Ltd&Customs Gateway Services Limited (GSL)
    Amaane House
    Achimota Highway Extension
    PO Box C2212
  • Ghana
    Tel: + 233 (021) 7012012/3/4/5
  • 7011968 / 510802
    Fax: + 233 (021) 506 825/6
  • (027) 553522

Monetary Valuation

Customs require monetary valuation for the shipment on the consignment as a whole, and on an individual item basis. US$ desirable, but not essential, as the customs valuation currency. Ministry of Trade, or Beneficiary organisation or contact persons in Ghana can assist in completing the destination inspection forms. These forms are available at the Ministry of Trade and Industry.


For queries concerning specific goods, contact Ghana customs.

Other Info

It is essential that prior notice is given to authorities before shipment or cargo arrives.


Honorary Consul of Ghana in Hong Kong Date published: 03/01/2002


Regions / countries / territories

Africa: Ghana