SomerHill Kids education services

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SomerHill Kids education services is an local child community based organization that believes in the power of education to help end poverty.

Somerhill works to give children the education they need and fight the inequalities that stand in their way.

SomerHill Kids education services mission is to work with the poor and excluded people in the country to eradicate poverty by overcoming the injustices and inequality that cause it.

The goal is to make education accessible to more children in each community where they serve to increase the literacy rate and provide children with every opportunity education can afford.

The programs consistently maintain growth, positive, in numbers and superiority.
SomerHill Kids education services has been active in Uganda since 2018.

School Building Project

The organization plans to build a 12 classroom School of ‘excellence’ which will enable pupils to begin at Primary 1 and progress through to the end of their education. The school is envisaged to not only meet the educational needs of the children but also to run literacy classes, I.T. training and practical skills workshops for all ages outside of school hours.

It will provide employment for local people both during the construction stage and also when operational.

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500,000 - 1 million

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All saints church of Uganda Child Rescue Child Impact Africa

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