United Safe Environment Creators (USEC)

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Who we are

United Safe Environment Creators is a non-profit making community based organization founded on November 2013 and got registered on Onctober 2016 with registration number SCSDO/TRKW/CBO/BO-201 working in Kakuma refugee camp, in Turkana county, northern Kenya. The organization is made up of a team of compassionate youth refugees who aspire to save lives of needy individuals by educating, advocate for, support and promote social and economic welfare so as they may regain hope, rely on themselves, fulfill their potential and contribute back to their communities.


Our vision is to have an enabling environment where people can take control, solve their problems, rely on themselves and build prosperous communities today and for generations to come.


Mission Statement is to empower individuals with skills/knowledge and necessary support while looking for durable solution to the problem that affect them by bringing those who have and those who do not have for a common goal and well-being.


To promote the well-being of the residents of the area by working together as residents regardless of nationality, ethnicity, gender, age, ability, belief, or political affiliation recognizing the value of our many differences

To build life skills base for individuals especially youth and women in order to enable them to handle life challenges

Core values

Accountability & Transparency
Protection & Empowerment
Equity & Nondiscrimination
Unity & Respect

Related programs activities

In view of the above goals, the activities developed by USEC spread over 3 work programs: Livelihoods, WASH & Reproductive Health Education

1) Livelihoods

Under this program, USEC seek to help improve the quality of life for marginalized people both refugees and host community by providing them with access to livelihood opportunities to enhance their well-being and thereby giving them hope to constructively contribute to their communities.


Under this program, USEC will enable individuals, groups, communities to participate fully and make appropriate decisions to change behaviors and practice good habits conducive to health, take charge of their own health by building their self awareness to promote long term sustainability while combating diseases that arise due to poor hygiene and ensure we have zero death related diseases

This program aims at educating the community members on health, hygiene, sanitation, management of WASH facilities and household sanitation improvement through four key factors :
Construction and rehabilitation of latrines and tap stands.
Mobilisation of the affected communities
Mutual sharing of information and
Provision of essential materials and facilities.

3) Reproductive health education
This program aims at eliminating early unintended pregnancy, spread of HIV/AIDS and other sexual transmitted diseases(STDs) among adolescent in kakuma refugee camp
Activities include messages to encourage abstinence and promote the use of condoms and contraceptives by those who are sexually active. And involve them in different after school play activities such as football, volleyball, basket ball etc.


USEC currently carries its activities in Kakuma refugee camps and our area of reach will progressively expand to various region of Africa especially rural areas that have fallen out of government concern.



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