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Christian Connect Fund is a registered Mission in Zambia; focused on networking with fellow Christians, creating sustainable financial value to support the needy work their way out of poverty through small business activities, and creating markets for products across communities with a goal to eliminate poverty. This is a life changing and empowering project in the church network and across communities.
We Mobilise financial resources, Network with the needy and Emerge small/growing Christian business activities in Zambia.

CCF’s core business is in the manufacturing; this will ensure sustainable income that will successfully support the poor with stable economic activities that will improve lives. One of the products already being produced is Peanut Butter; although already established, the project is still in its infancy.

The CCF network will impact over 500 low income families with products for small business activities and or, support already existing but currently unstable businesses needing help across communities. This work is being rolled out in 3 major Provinces – Lusaka, Central and Copper-belt Provinces involving 39 districts in total for now, we are assured this project will support many that are in need and hopeless.

The manufacturing industry is critical to changing lives, sustaining and growing low incomes into meaningful livelihood opportunities. CCF has unearthed this opportunity and will eliminate poverty by creating jobs and contributing to the economic development across communities – bringing hope to lives.

The CCF short term and long term activities include:
• Manufacturing Food Products such as Peanut Butter and cool/soft drinks
• Manufacturing a range of household products such as Soaps and detergents.
• Orient and equip target/partner needy groupings with the engagement guidelines, basic entrepreneurial skills and basic financial literacy information through the 1to 2 days business seminars.

Cell: Our main line: +260 979 202 577.

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Less than 500,000

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We network with the Church, NGOs, vulnerable families in Zambia.

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