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African ark college of management sciences is vocational college that train vulnerable students to obtain jobs and create youth entrepreneurs. we are registered college in Ministry of education and have land. the college has 10 fulltime workers and 24 part time workers.

PROJECT: improving digital education in vocational skills development to increase education of rural poor Uganda

Today in Uganda, the African ark college of management sciences council and Commission adopted two proposals for a Council Recommendation in the context of the rural education for the poor and persons with disabilities Year of Skills, with the aim to support persons with disabilities and the education and training sector in providing high-quality, inclusive and accessible digital education and training to develop the digital skills of Ugandan citizens.
The proposals address the two main common challenges jointly identified by the college council and Commission and Uganda as country:
1) the lack of a whole-of- college approach to digital education and training, and
2) Difficulties in equipping students with the necessary digital skills.
Strengthening key enabling factors for students in E-learning in vocational skills
Despite progress and some excellent examples of innovation post COVID-19, combined efforts have so far not resulted in systemic digital transformation in Vocational education and training. Students in rural areas, persons with disabilities still struggle to attain sufficient levels of education due to lack of investment in digital education and training infrastructure, equipment and digital education content, digital training (up-skilling) of teachers and staff, and monitoring and evaluation of digital education and training policies in relation to rural vocational colleges.
The proposal for E-learning will ensure universal access to inclusive and high-quality digital education and training, to address the digital divide, which will become even more apparent in the light of the COVID-19 crisis. This could be achieved by creating a coherent framework of investment, governance and teacher training for effective and inclusive digital education. It proposes guidance and action that will promote vocational college which will enhance and pursue to implement a whole-of-college and multi-stakeholder approach as well as a culture of bottom-up innovation and digitalization led by education and training staff and students to use E-learning system.
• The project will building E-learning system to help 350 persons with disability in rural areas to obtain jobs
• It will increase350 entrepreneurship development among rural people
• It will raise education for 350 persons with disabilities in rural Uganda.
a) The 350 students will be trained in application of e-learning
b) The 50 teachers will be trained in digital teaching and learning.
c) The 50 leaders in education sector will be trained in digitalization of education
d) 350 students will be given smart phones
e) The four vocational colleges will be given 50 computers in Kasese Region
f) The five demonstration computer laboratory will be established to use E-learning system in Kasese Uganda
g) It will promote digital literacy among youths and achieve their rights
h) The 5000 youtrh will access internet using the digitalization of education and promote social media

50 Computers 2 5000,000
E-learning 10,000,000
Website and internet 5000,000
350 Smart phones 70,000,000
Training 10,000,000
M&E 6000,000
Registration of system 5000,000
Furniture 12,000,000
GRANT TOTAL UGX 143,000,000


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