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MILLMAN FOUNDATION is a youth-led organization established in Africa since 2017 to increase the number of students in African communities actively participating in local and national elections; and to promote the African culture, African indigenous education, civic engagement, talents, good governance, leadership, better policymaking, justice, science and technology in these African communities. This is to mitigate the high rate of unemployment, poverty, injustice, insecurity, violent extremism, poor leadership and poor quality education in African communities. Then, provide an enabling environment for them to effectively reach back and empower their communities.

Most students in African communities are fed up with the poor leadership and bad governance experienced every now and then in their communities. They actually see no need to participate in local and national elections or in nation building due to gross election malpractices, corruption, tribalism, embezzlement of public funds and the widening gap between them and the government. This and many more have caused the increasing high rate of unemployment, poverty and unqualified graduates in Cameroon and other African communities. This really discourages many students to take their studies serious. Hence, they get involved in drug abuse, gangs, violence, alcoholism, prostitution, illegal immigration, cheating and all sorts of get rich quick schemes just to survive and feel amongst peers. We have lost several childhood friends to the cold hands of death due to jungle justice as a result of theft; mysterious death due to cultism and get rich quick schemes; unjustified deaths due to insecurity and injustice; alarming disappearance and death of our brothers and sisters in the high seas and desert due to adventurous illegal immigration in search of greener pastures; and the continuous sexual exploitation and underpayment of young people for available jobs.

Nevertheless, realizing that Education, Schooling, Technology, Traveling and Culture are potential avenues for Emancipation, Creativity, Innovation, Leadership, Active Civic Engagement, Living Together and establishing Sustainable Networking Platforms; we vowed to be properly educated, connected and influential so as to reach back and raise the next generation of leaders for the greater good of our African communities. For these reasons, in secondary schools in African communities, we are organizing student government elections, training these elected student leaders and providing for them and other students full or partial scholarships to optimize these opportunities through our established ROTO HUB program and other ROTO programs run.

In order to promote peace, free and fair elections, democracy, good governance and active civic engagement in African communities, we are engaging students, teachers and school administrators in secondary schools to actively participate in their school student government elections either as candidates, voters, electoral committee members or whistleblowers. This is to ensure that the elections are free and fair; the elected student leaders are true representatives of that school community and they shall serve for the interests of that school. Also, this facilitates these student leaders to work in close collaboration with their teachers, school administrators and students so as to bridge any existing gap between them. Finally, this is to instill in students, teachers and school administrators sufficient confidence to participate in their local and national elections either as voters, candidates, whistleblowers or electoral committee members.

Once these student leaders are elected, they automatically constitute the ROTO HUB of that school. Through this ROTO HUB, these elected student leaders are trained in leadership, good governance, policymaking and active civic engagement so that they are fully equipped with sufficient leadership prowess throughout their mandate and beyond. Also, through the ROTO HUB, these student leaders are exposed to other local, national and international leadership opportunities so as to catapult their leadership explorations.

Within a period of 5 years upon establishment of our ROTO programs in a school or community, we intend to have developed a solution-base framework and policies that solves or mitigates pressing contemporary challenges faced by that school or community. This sets an enabling environment which fosters excellence, Africa cultural appreciation, leadership, sportsmanship, creativity, innovation, networking and technology.

Apart from the ROTO Hub program, we have other ROTO programs we run/will run in secondary schools and African communities such as:

ROTO Sports which involves the entire student community of our partner schools to participate in interclass and interschool competitions in volleyball, basketball, handball, football and athletics to promote sportsmanship, talents exposure and more networking amongst these students.

ROTOpreneur which provides full and partial scholarships to these students interested in tailoring, barbering, hairdressing, shoemaking, manicure and pedicure so as to complement their formal studies and increase the number of financially independent students in African communities. Also, to significantly reduce the number of school dropouts in these African communities.

ROTO Farms which permit school administrators to provide school farmlands for students interested in agriculture to cultivate under the strict supervision of Millman Foundation so that a portion of the produce is handed to that school as royalties while the rest is used to pay these students fees, feed them and provide their other basic needs.

ROTO Culture which engages these students in intra-school and interschool Mother Tongue, Cultural Outfit, Traditional Meals, Cultural Music and Cultural Dance competitions so as to increase the number students pridefully boosting, showcasing and preserving their rich African culture.

ROTO HiTech which involves students interested in coding, programming, Web building, web designing, network security and artificial intelligence so as promote technology in African communities.

ROTO Youthconnekt Summit which brings together outstanding ROTO HUB members of our partner schools, outstanding student leaders from other schools between the ages of 15 – 30 years, Millman Foundation team and partners for a one week training program on leadership, good governance, policymaking and active civic engagement once every year.

ROTO YouthConnekt Platform which aims at connecting students all over Africa and in other African communities so as to link them together and to other local, national and international opportunities. This better appreciates, exposes, and catapults their initiatives.

ROTO Travel which assists students interested in studying abroad to compile the required documentation, apply, travel, stay and study abroad. This is to mitigate the illegal immigration of African people to Europe and America, and also, to protect these students even after they have travelled abroad to further their studies.

ROTO Funds which provide full or partial scholarships to underprivileged but enthusiastic students and school dropouts to further their studies. Also, ROTO Funds provide scholarships to outstanding students in Agriculture, Medicine, Diplomacy, Civil Engineering, Law School, Journalism, Africa Cultural History, Technology and Artificial Intelligence so as to harness better professionals in these areas in African communities.

ROTO Relax which provides recreation and leisure spots for children, teenagers and adults in African communities so as to enable the African people comfortably relax, have fun, tell stories and enjoy each other’s companies and nature.

ROTO Family which provides resources to the African people in African communities to strengthen African families. This promotes and builds strong African families by raising the awareness, understanding and effective presence of the irrefutable roles of the African fathers in African families.

ROTO Academy which aims at opening several sports, music, dance and vocational academies in African communities so as to provide an enabling environment that nurtures, harnesses and promotes identified talents in African communities.

ROTO School which aims at opening ROTO Primary Schools, ROTO Secondary Schools and ROTO Higher Institutes in African communities so as to decrease the number of uneducated Africans in these African communities and also, to promote quality education in African communities.

ROTO Health which aims at opening ROTO hospitals, ROTO Health Centers and ROTO Reference Hospitals in African communities so as to reduce the increasing high death rate in these African communities and also, to promote quality healthcare services in African communities.

ROTO Real Estate which aims at providing quality lodging, housing, building and construction for the African people at very affordable rates so as to reduce accommodation problems in African communities.

ROTO Law Firm which aims at providing quality legal services and justice for the African people all over the world and to also reduce the high rate of injustice, insecurity and violent extremism in African communities.

ROTO Security which aims at providing quality personal and corporate security in the African communities such as professional drivers, professional bodyguards and networking security experts.

ROTO Records which aims at establishing a signature music record label in Africa that produces and promotes African music and talents.

ROTO Entertainment which aims at establishing a signature theatre and film production house in Africa that produces and promotes Africa theatre and cinematography in African communities.

ROTO Media which aims at opening TV stations, radio stations, newspaper and publishing houses in African communities that pridefully promote, showcase and expose the rich African culture, its people and its potentials to the whole world.

Poverty, illiteracy, hunger, bad governance, poor leadership, hard government policies and nonchalant civic engagement are inexorable barriers to nation building. Consequentially, these promote corruption, survival of the fittest and nonchalant participation of citizens in elections. Therefore, empowering these students as we do, positively contributes to nation building and greatly promotes democracy, peace, good governance, leadership, policymaking and active civic engagement.

1) To alleviate the high rate of unemployment, poverty and hunger in African communities by bridging the gap between Certificate, Handwork and Competence.

2) To promote free and fair elections, democracy and peace in Africa by increasing the number of students in African communities by 20% that actively participate in local and national elections every election year.

3) To promote good governance, leadership, policymaking and nation building in African communities by increasing the number of students trained in leadership, good governance, policymaking and active civic engagement by 20% every academic year.

4) To boost the African culture at all levels by increasing the number of students in secondary schools involved in intra-school and interschool cultural competitions by 20% every academic year.

5) To establish strong institutions in African communities that promote education, talents, good governance, leadership, policymaking, justice and technology.

6) Finally, to establish the ROTO YOUTHCONNEKT NETWORK that connects students all over Africa together and to other local, national and international opportunities.




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