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Women and men's bags, clothing, wallets, other items and accessories available in the Netherlands Verified non-profit organisation


A company would like to donate nearly 11,000 new items including bags, wallets, clothing, footwear, eyewear, jewelry and other items for both men and women. The receiving NGO should be involved in family services/workforce development. Items are for free distribution only and must be...

Women's fashion shoes in the USA Verified non-profit organisation


A company has women's fashion shoes to donate. They are located in California and must leave North America. There are 76 single stack pallets – it would take 3 loads. The items cannot be resold, but must be distributed for free. Some sample photos are attached. Photos of all products are...

150-300k cotton face masks available in Munich, Germany Verified non-profit organisation


A company would like to donate between 150-300k cotton face masks from Munich Germany. The masks are new and good quality, they are adjustable for children and travel and come in a variety of colour. The donor is willing to ship these masks internationally.

1540 pieces of new clothing and 4965 pairs of footwear available in Singapore Verified non-profit organisation


A company has a large quantity of men's and women's shoes, as well as some sweaters to donate in Singapore. Distribution must be overseas. The items need to be collected in early July. Some of the shoes are bagged rather than boxed, which means some of the shoes have been taken out of the shoe...

More than 300,000 units of hand sanitiser available at cost price in Australia Verified non-profit organisation


An alcohol manufacturer in Australia pivoted to hand sanitiser production during Covid. They now have a large quantity that is in excess and wish to make it available to a charity outside Australia so it can be used in an area where it is needed. They are not able to donate it, but are willing to...

Two medical beds and mattresses available in the UK. Verified non-profit organisation


An organisation would like to donate two medical beds with mattresses (one bariatric).

6000 PPE face Shields available in the UK Verified non-profit organisation


A donor has 6000 face shields available for delivery anywhere in the UK. The face shields are not of NHS specification and need to be self-assembled.

Lino Floor Coverings for refugee camps available in Birmingham, UK. Verified non-profit organisation


A donor would like to give a container full of Lino coverings for refugee camps. They would ideally have them sent to Gaza, Syria or Yemen but are open to other suggestions.

Support for Ugandan NGOs to implement social and environmental well being projects


We want to provide the training services, and generally extension services in agriculture, agro forestry and forestry, including climate smart agriculture. We also seek to assist projects in service delivery, attaining their goals in communities and also subcontracting activities during project...

Second hand white short wellies in the UK Verified non-profit organisation


We would like to donate white short wellies in the UK. The organisation will need to collect the offer from the various places in the UK. The number will be confirmed by collection.