Hope For The Elderly Ministries Uganda

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Established formally in early 2015, HOPE FOR THE ELDERLY MINISTRIES UGANDA (HFTEMU) is a fully fledged and registered organization meeting all the legal requirements of organizational operation in Uganda. HFTEMU’s Headquarters are currently located in Kisoko Sub-county in Tororo District and has field operations and community presence in Omonyole and surrounding villages. HFTEMU leads an integrated approach in delivering quality results amongst its beneficiaries including conditioned regular fellowships with the seniors for spiritual and emotional support, conducting regular home visits for evaluation and support, provision of hot meals, basic needs, and health care among others. HFTEMU envisions a well tended senior population living dignified lives and can pass on their experiences and knowledge to the next generation to foster sustainable national development.

MISSION.Improve the socio-economic and spiritual wellbeing of the elderly and their dependents.

HFTEMU’S Strategic Objectives.
HFTEMU is established to pursue the following objectives:
1. To support the spiritual wellbeing of the elderly through execution of such programmes as fellowships, home cells and discipleship classes.
2. To provide psycho-social and emotional support to the elderly and their families through counseling and guidance services so as to improve on their coping abilities.
3. To enhance the elderly people’s households socio-economic welfare through running of economic development initiatives such as income generating activities.
4. To support the welfare of the children under the elderly care through education and welfare support as a means of improving the elderly welfare by lessening their care burden.

Core Values.
Hope for the Elderly is premised on the following Core Values.
•Christ centeredness.
•Centrality of Human Rights.
.Love for the Elderly.



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Less than 500,000

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The Pollination Project

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Doing business with the poor; Provision of services / personnel; Provision of goods

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Disability issues; Shelter, housing, land management and construction