Care of the Ageing, Needy and the Underprivileged (CANU) Association Cameroon

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CANU Association Cameroon is an NGO based in Cameroon and is composed of 32 active members and more than 90 beneficiaries. Its origins stem from an initiative of a group of young people in 2008 in Bafut, North West Region of Cameroon who came together with the aim of offering assistance to the ageing, medically, through the provision of adequate nutrition and provision of basic needs. Arising as another problem in the same community was the need to cater for the rising number of underprivileged children especially orphans and vulnerable children. This caused the group to increase its activities to also include these vulnerable children. The group had so far been working with and providing assistance to more than thirty of widows and Over 60 children (mostly orphans and marginalized children) including those with physical disabilities. It is in this light that this group of benevolent young men and women came together under a banner and created the association “Care of the Aging, Needy and the Underprivileged” (CANU Association Cameroon). The aim of the association is to provide assistance to people in Bafut and other parts of the country. CANU was created on the 27th April 2013 and it operates with Authorization No: 1220/2013/RDA/C19/SAAJP of17th December 2013.
CANU has so far donated educational materials to underprivileged children in Bafut, organized health campaigns with video in the South West Region, organized capacity building seminars with youths and is now running an evening school for the less privileged in Douala. The Association also takes care of 30 widows and old people in Bafut. There are currently more than 90 beneficiaries in the care of CANU. CANU depends on contributions from its members and also well-wishers, donor aid contributions from members in order to carry out its projects.

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