Kemondo Orphan Care Centre

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Kemondo Orphan Care Centre is a Lutheran orphanage operating in Tanzania. The children at this orphanage are mostly AIDS orphans. The centre operates in the Kagera region and has a regional intake. The orphanage is financed by international NGOs. This support enables the orphanage to provide food and education for the children in its care.

There are eight orphan houses; each one has a coloured strip of paint on the outside wall that gives the house its name. They are built with brickwork and roofed with corrugated iron. Each house has 2 “mothers” and up to 15 children: 2 rooms for boys and 2 for girls.

The children help in normal household chores such as fetching water and helping cultivate the gardens. Some of the children aren’t true orphans but have parents who are too poor and unable to care for them – this tends to happen with families who have up to 6-8 children.

The primary school takes boarders, and there are 3 dorms for boys and 2 for girls, a total of about 160 children. A plan to start a secondary school has been underway on the site so that the children can continue to receive Christian education, which is a feature of the primary school, as well as all studies being done in English.


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