Murambo BeeKeeping Association

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Murambo beekeeping association is a community based social enterprise organization registration number 35 operating in murambo Bubaare sub-county in Rubanda district which is based in the kigezi region. Apiculture is one of the major significant area of economic activity which can create a sustainable means of livelihood and source of sustainable income for the marginalized livelihoods especially in the rural areas of Uganda when enhanced can be a crucial component of livelihood diversification as it can supplement household income, provide food and nutrients as well as medicine and its relatively low in relation to startup costs and labor requirements with minimum land ownership requirements that makes beekeeping an alternative economic pathway out of poverty for the rural men, women and young adults and additionally bees provide an important eco-system service via pollination contributing to enhanced food security and increasing yields in 70% of the global crops thus murambo beekeeping association (MBKA) has adapted an integrated holistic approach to include interventions that address challenges faced by farmers throughout the apiculture value chain so as to enhance it as a means for livelihood and economic activity for marginalized livelihoods in murambo, sub county in Rubanda district

The objective is to provide beehives that as shelters for the bees that will increase production and reputation thus in honey and bee productions for improved livelihoods

Other objectives
• To create shelters for bees that lead to increased production and reproduction bees
• To enhance and improve livelihoods of people in murambo bubaare sub county and villages of Rubanda district
• To create a sustainable means of livelihood for the marginalized livelihoods
• To increase honey and its bi products thus improved earnings.
 Attribute poverty eradication
 Social economical growth of the marginalized livelihoods
 To improve standards of living of the marginalized live hood
 Source of income for families.

• The project will be sustainable in the following ways :

Basic skills and knowledge towards use and maintenance of the beehives shall be provided to the farmers before use of beehives
• There shall be increase in the bee products like honey and propolis and this means more sales that will lead more earnings and at this stage farmers shall be encouraged to save the surplus and buy more beehives and re-install in their farms instead of depending on the donations

• Many farmers shall also gain more skills in modern beehives production from the sales acquired we shall hire trainers



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