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Chama cha Wazee na Wastaafu Mkoani Arusha (Arusha Region Senior Citizens Organization) was established on 18th March 1998 and registered on 3rd September 1998, under Registration No SO 9555. It has been operating in the Region since its registration on areas of Advocacy and lobbying on ageing issues including Orphan and Vulnerable Children and mainstreaming in the local Government systems.


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We have been working in a network form with other CSO’s country wise. However in our region we have been closely working with CAVUPE (Care for Vulnerable People) Themi Simba in promoting and advocating on vulnerable groups rights and entitlements through meetings at village, ward and districts levels as well as meeting with media people. The following shows how we partnered with other CSO’s in different activities/program: - Recently sometimes in last October, we organized together a big meeting of more than 100 traditional leader to sensitize them on the current burning issue of the country new constitution. During the meeting we advocated them to make sure that they advice their colleagues and young ones in their areas to turn up to air their views especially to make sure that the new constitution includes vulnerable issues. - Secondly we have also been working with different government agencies/private sector in one way or another, for example during the commemoration of older people’s day in every year on 1st October, we normally get support for funds to buy soft drinks, lunch and different presents for different completion during the day. The government agencies like hospitals also sometimes provide eye glasses to older people, conduct health check up and the like. - Lastly, as I cited above that, we are working as a network country wise, European Union has been our major funder for all programs that we have implemented so far in our organization which included of joint projects supporting Older people with their dependents (Orphans and vulnerable children), promoting Older women’s rights on inheritance, Increasing vulnerable peoples’ access to health care, and Reducing HIV/AIDS impact on older carers and their affected family members, Older Citizen Monitoring Program through MIPAA – (Madrid International Plan for Action) on Ageing issues, and national advocacy program.

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