Humanitarian International Resource Group

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The Humanitarian International Resource Grooup (HISG) is a New York state NGO. HISG specializes in private sector resource mobilization and management and provides support services to US and international for-profit and non-profit organisations for crisis response and humanitarian developmental initiatives.

Since 2001, HISG has mobilized and moved tens of millions of dollars in humanitarian aid at less than 10% administrative costs. Having prototyped new and innovative solutions, HISG has established an institutional capability to mobilize and manage private sector resource capacity and has now networked over 45 warehouses across the USA to work collaboratively to aid the poor and needy around the world.

HISG powers the Disaster Internationalter Response Network (IDRN) and the network portal.

The IDRN.INFO website serves as a web-based portal or toolset to enable this network to better collaborate when responding to an event. It is primarily focused on facilitating IDR practitioners – those who are actively engaged in response and coordination of the response.


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1 million - 100 million

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International Disaster Response Network (IDRN)

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Disasters and humanitarian affairs ; Transportation and logistics

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