The Toyota - Audubon TogetherGreen Partnership

In 2008, the National Audubon Society and Toyota launched TogetherGreen, a nationwide Audubon program to fund conservation projects, train environmental leaders, and offer volunteer opportunities to significantly benefit the environment.

A $20 million Toyota grant – the largest Audubon has received in its 103-year history – will fund TogetherGreen for five years, enabling Audubon to expand the scope and reach of its internationally-known conservation programs.

TogetherGreen will include three program components:

  • Innovation Grants to fund dozens of on-the-ground projects each year that employ creative approaches and engage diverse communities to help achieve measurable land, water and/or energy conservation results. Grant requirements will broaden project participation and promote innovation by uniting Audubon’s national network with environmental and community partners.
  • Conservation Fellowships to train and foster up to 200 promising environmental leaders who can serve as role models, expert guides and organizers for engaging new and diverse audiences in effective conservation action.
  • Volunteer Days to be offered at Audubon Centers and other locations nationwide, providing hands-on opportunities to address environmental problems and take part in restoration activities.

Toyota plans to engage its 36,000 U.S. employees and invite its business partners to join with others through TogetherGreen as conservation volunteers to take the individual steps that will add up to significant conservation results.

TogetherGreen will also reach a diverse array of audiences through, scheduled to debut in late spring, 2008. The site will help visitors discover dozens of individual conservation actions to help them independently “green” their lives. It will provide opportunities to challenge friends to take conservation actions of their own. Visitors will be able to follow the evolving conservation efforts and achievements of TogetherGreen projects, and nominate and celebrate the work of environmental heroes and projects across the country. Every aspect of will be designed to highlight and encourage conservation action.

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