PHS Waterlogic supports WaterAid's 'Drink More Water' campaign

In 2006 PHS Waterlogic entered its second year of support for WaterAid, this time focusing on WaterAid’s ‘Drink More Water’ campaign – which will raise money to support the charity’s vital work overseas by engaging UK workers in fund-raising activities and encouraging them to drink more water.

The Drink More Water campaign brings together lots of useful information and fun material including stickers, posters, drinks coasters and an interactive website to motivate people to drink the right amount of water every day. WaterAid, in partnership with PHS Waterlogic is disseminating this specially created material to hundreds of large companies across the UK.

In its first year of support to WaterAid, PHS Waterlogic’s donation was used in the setting up of a WaterAid project in Burkina Faso, which is one of the ten most deprived countries in the world where less than 51% of the population have access to clean water and just 12% to sanitation. A year into this project already over 32,000 people now have gained access to clean water, while supporting activities have included income generating schemes such as soap production.

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