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Established in 2010, the Mount Elgon Peace Initiative (MEPI) works to enhance peaceful co-existence among the diverse ethnic communities of the Mount Elgon region, in western Kenya. The area is mainly inhabited by the Sabaot, Bukusu and Teso people, who compete for resources and political representation.

MEPI was initiated by members of a local Mennonite Church who wanted to act as agents of peace in the community. Built on a doctrinal foundation of non-violence, its leaders reached out to other faith leaders in the area in an effort to widen the scope of their work. Registered as a national NGO since 2013, MEPI’s mission is to foster a culture of tolerance and peaceful cooperation, in tandem with the National Integration and Cohesion Policy, part of the 2010 Kenyan Constitution.

The Mount Elgon Peace and Development Project is one of eight grantees funded by USAID under the Kenya Civil Society Strengthening Program. Its work was two-fold: first, to improve political engagement and tolerance among the different communities. And second, to improve the socialisation of children into a culture of peace. Under that project, MEPI conducted peace education and established peace clubs in fourteen different schools. It also supported ex-militia and other vulnerable youths in agricultural income-generating activities that were aimed at re-integrating them into society, and building their resilience towards conflict and violence. This helps them avoid political incitements to violence, as well as addressing the problem of youth unemployment which makes crime seem like an attractive option for work.


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