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Lchokuti Foundation is a community-based organization in the Northern part of Kenya. It works with the community in and around Merille, regarding education, poverty, water and other issues.
Firstly it educates the mostly illiterate population, be it women, morans, elders, or those bush-grazing children who are denied the chance to go to school possibly even awaiting child marriage. We cover tasks to facilitate everyday lives, e.g. language, numeracy, health issues, as well as try to make a lasting impact through change of often narrow-minded, primitive attitudes and views.
It also directly works with a local primary school which has only two teachers for five classes plus nursery and almost no resources including lack of classrooms. Most pupils don’t have uniforms either and only one change of clothes back home.
It also tries to initiate building projects like wells, and work on any other issues which helps the community.
The area is semi-arid, very dry with minimal rainfall and need for high water intake, forcing people to even dig in a dry-riverbed for often dirty water, which then needs to be carried (or pushed by foot) home involving substantial effort. Children even delay coming to school because of the task and cooking of free school lunch is compromised.
Most children, both the school children and the bush grazing children generally have no shoes and are forced to walk barefoot in the very thorny environment.
We are also in the process of establishing a microfinance project and options for women to make beadwork to be sold abroad to earn some small income.


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