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The Health Improvement Foundation of Cameroon (HIF-CAM) is a Limbe-based non-governmental, nonprofit organization, founded by Chief Lewindia Nicholas (a Senior Technician with a degree in Health Education and 32 years of working experience in healthcare services). HIF-CAM was brought into legal existence on 30th June, 2003 by the Cameroon Government via Reg. No.080/G.37/D.14/1 vol.7/103/0APP/67. Its international registration number is 4658743405. Its mission is: “Helping the less privileged people to gain access to education and health healthcare services in the rural communities of Cameroon”.

To accomplish this mission HIF-CAM pursues the following programs:
1. Healthcare services:
• Trains nurses, midwives, nutritionists and laboratory technicians in higher medical institution.
• Constructs and equips health centers or clinics in communities without access to healthcare services.
• Supplies medical equipment and essential medicines to the needy health units.
• Empower community members to get involved in the management of their health centers or clinics.
2. Water and sanitation services:
• Supplies safe drinking water in communities lacking access.
• Empower community members in the management of their water supply, as well as educate them on hygiene and sanitation habits and practices, including the construction and maintenance of sanitary toilets in their homes.
3. Education services:
• Constructs and furnishes classrooms and sanitary toilets in needy elementary schools.
• Supplies books and writing materials to pupils in need.
• Awards scholarship to poor pupils.
• Educate pupils on personal hygiene and sanitation.
HIF-CAM is managed by a team comprising the following staff: the Chief Executive Officer, the Medical Adviser, the Accounts Officer, the Nursing Supervisor and the Secretary. In addition to the above personnel HIF-CAM often hires competent and experienced technicians, such as the hydrologic or civil engineer, a senior health technician and a program manager to engage in the execution of our projects. HIF-CAM is governed by a Board of Directors (BOD) comprising five members elected to a five-year term of office, renewable. The BOD meets every December to review and adopt financial and annual reports as well as adopt proposed projects and the budget for the coming year – presented by the Executive.
HIF-CAM has some unique qualities which differentiate it from other NGOs in the region:
 It is the only nonprofit organization in the South West Region of Cameroon (with a target population of 3,000,000 people) which: provides integrated health services (i.e. providing accessibility to water and sanitation, health and educational services) in the needy communities we serve.
 It hires a sanitary technician during all its water projects to build the capacity of the community people on how to improve and promote their standard of hygiene and sanitation.
HIF-CAM’s competence and the strong relationship it establishes with the community during feasibility studies and the planning meetings, gives us an edge over any other non-profit organization in the execution of community projects.

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