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Standards and guidelines development

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All for Peace, Children's Welfare and Women's Empowerment (APCWWE)


ORGANIZATION BACKGROUND AND CAPACITY All for Peace, Children’s Welfare and Women’s Empowerment (APCWWE), founded in June 2015, is a non-profit community based organization dedicated to improving the living conditions of refugees in the refugee camps of Kakuma and Kalobeyeyi, and in the area of...

Child2Youth Foundation


Child2Youth Foundation is a registered non governmental not for profit organisation found in Uganda which was started in 2007. Child2Youth Foundation is dedicated to helping needy children and youth and poor rural communities development through: a) Child Sponsorship where the needy children and...

African School Culture Organization -Ghana


African School Culture Organization is a not-for-profit organization. ASCO organizes reciprocal educational exchange programs for secondary schools, colleges and university students through partnerships with government agencies and private agencies both Ghana and out Ghana by cooperate...

Economic Growth and Development Center


Economic Growth and Development Center is a newly founded, ambitious Georgian non-governmental organization. They are formed by a group of companions who share the same aim and motivation. The aim is to provide knowledge and skills to unemployed, socially vulnerable people who need to get a job to...

Benchmark Medical Trust


Benchmark Medical Trust is a public charitable trust purely borne out on the basis of Accessible, appropriate affordable healthcare to all the rural people in India through free health camps networking appropriate health service providers.

Green Enviro-Watch


Green Enviro-Watch is a non governmental organisation based in Zambia established to mitigate and fight climate change and improve the standard of living of people in communities that have been adversely impacted by climate change. This organization provides skills training, entrepreneurship...

Pearl Integrated Development Agency (PIDA)


Pearl Integrated Development Agency (PIDA) is a women registered Community Based Nonprofit Organization CBS/105/014/015 operating at the grass root in Busia District, Eastern Uganda to help single mothers, vulnerable children, orphans and girls lead a meaningful life. Existing program areas...

Shelemin Foundation


SHELEMIM FOUNDATION is a non-profit making organization formed on the 25th January 2018 in Ghana. It is inspired by the initial drive towards advocacy, development and carrying humanitarian services. The Foundation is dedicated to serve as a charitable organization geared towards the improvement of...

Risk and Strategic Management, Corp.


Risk and Strategic Management, Corp. (RSM) is a management services and training organization with significant domestic and international expertise. The company provides a wide diversity of services within both conventional and challenged environments for development and NGO organizations,...

Street to School Foundation


Street to School Foundation is a small Non Governmental Organization, in Ghana. The Foundation is practically operating at the balcony of the home office address. Due to the location of our office, this is a new developing community with too many uncompleted residential houses. Almost all the...