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Standards and guidelines development

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IBLF's blog on sustainability and CSR


Founded in 1990, IBLF is an independent, global organisation working with leading multinational companies on the sustainability and corporate social responsibility agenda.

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Business-NGO Relationships for Environmental Conservation in Hong Kong: Capacity Building for NGOs and the Roles of Government and Business-Related Organisations


This is an article published in the Asian Pacific Journal of Public Administration, vol 29, no 2, in December 2007. Drawing on stakeholders' views collected from 31 in-depth face-to-face interviewees, the article investigates business-NGO relationships for environmental conservation in Hong...

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Standards of Corporate Social Responsibility


Standards of Corporate Social Responsibility, established by the Social Venture Network, are defined in terms of nine interrelated topics. There are three general topics: ethics, accountability, and governance; and, six topics related to each stakeholder group: investors, employees, business...

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Good practice in community based disaster risk management


This document presents good practices from the GOI-UNDP Disaster Risk Management (DRM) Programme, which envisages accelerating capacity development for disaster reduction at the national level and in some of the most-vulnerable regions in the country through community-based and gender sensitive...

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Palestine Fair Trade General Guidelines


The Palestine Fair Trade Association Guidelines include: 1) Guidelines for Farmers and/or Producers 2) Guidelines for Labor and Employment 3) Environmental Guidelines 4) Trader and Distributor Guidelines

National Emergency Management Association


The National Emergency Management Association (NEMA) is the professional association of and for state emergency management directors. NEMA runs programmes in emergency management, acts as a comprehensive information and assistance resource, and develops strategic partnerships aimed at improving...

European Centre for Development Policy Management (ECDPM)


The European Centre for Development Policy Management (ECDPM)is an independent foundation legally constituted in the Netherlands. ECPDM aims to build effective partnerships relating to cooperation between the European Union and countries in Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific. ECPDM also works to...

SOS Children's Villages - Algeria


SOS Children provides long-term help to abandoned children and orphans. The children live in homes with an SOS mother and other children which are considered as their sisters and brothers. The children thus have a caring home, medical and psychological assistance and the possibility to go to...

Social Accountability International


Social Accountability International (SAI) is a non-governmental, international, multi-stakeholder organisation dedicated to improving workplaces and communities by developing and implementing socially responsible standards. SAI promotes the human rights of workers around the world as a standards...

Malawi Millennium Project


The Malawi Millennium Project was set up by the University of Strathclyde to mark the new Millennium. Launched in September 1999 by the Princess Royal, it is based on ten years of co-operation between the University of Strathclyde and the University of Malawi. The main aims of the project are to...