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Kidera health centre IV is a public medical facility located in Buyende District, found in Eastern central Uganda, 51 KM from Kamuli-Bukungu road. The Health Centre is the highest level facility in the district and referral centre for all the health facilities in Buyende district. Buyende falls among the hard to reach districts in Uganda, with poor road and telecommunication network.

The Health Centre has a catchment population of 49,409 people who basically earn living on fishing and small scale farming. The population of this area rank second in Uganda with a fertility rate of 8.6 and teenage pregnancy, 30%, HIV/AIDS pandemic has further affected the area. This means that there is a high risk of maternal related complications, however, the theatre is poorly equipped, with only improvised one caesarean section set, every old operating table, non-functional headlight, no x-ray nor sonography services to either mothers or any other patients. Even equipment required for other emergency obstetric emergencies, gynaecological emergencies as well as laparotomies are lacking.
The facility lacks infrastructure, patients do sleep on the floor, staff are suffering due to lack of accommodation but all the same, they try hard to help the community.

In case of any radiological investigation, patients have to move over 50 KM to get services in the nearby hospital (Kamuli-hospital)

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