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Since 2017 Stretch Hands Uganda (SHU) has been a non-profit and community Based Organization, nonpartisan, which is run by Adults and youths of different disciplines in close cooperation with local communities in Rubanda District of Uganda.

This project is at providing sustainable support education of aids orphans, Batwa people ,and grandmothers living with HIV/AIDS in South Western Uganda to access support in form of quality education services, health service, improve clean water , improved incomes, community development, projects like beekeeping conservation as livelihood project, reusable sanitary pads project, mushroom etc. and human rights awareness. The need to support children and grandmothers and their dependents in Africa .


To identify and recognize needs of vulnerable children by promoting quality education, health and carrying out activities that ensure conducive environment for their proper upbringing in communities of the Rubanda district ..


To provide sustainable support to batwa children and other disadvantaged and at risk members of the communities of south western Uganda to access support and quality education, health services, improved income ,water program and human rights awareness creation protection.

Background information:

The Batwa people originally forest dwellers. The Batwa people have been almost entirely dispossessed of their land by the combined pressures of government departments responsible for conservation, and cultivators, notably Bakiga, claiming land.

Stretch hands Uganda is a leading organization helping the Batwa children, women and men to get out of this problem and to break them from the systemic cycle of Poverty and deprivation.


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