Naihati Debangan

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Debangan is an Indian NGO with the mission of fighting for disadvantaged populations around the world as part of a global movement. Naihati Debangan is a society registered under West Bengal Society Registration Act. At present Team-Debangan is on the way to create interest for educational and personality development amongst the poor school going children on weekends and others holidays. Despite having limited resources, the society is still trying to provide pen, pencils, exercise books and others educational instruments to create interest for education among them. Apart from this, light breakfast is provided to them on a weekly basis by Team-Debangan.

Beside that the society is also running awareness programmes on hand washing, sanitation and hygiene on a monthly basis, as well as working on the following social activities :

Awareness program for making good habits
Camps for “Sit and Draw” type competition for children
Awareness program for the need of toilet for every family

Due to Limited resources, the work of operation is going on Naihati, North 24 Parganas and Bansdroni, Kolkata – 700070, which may extend in future depending upon the availability of resources.

The main three agenda for very near future :

Youth Empowerment: Enhance young college education with practical and professional experiences. This is also the opportunity for those who are disabled or disadvantaged and the program is named “D’ Youth Empowerment”.

Women Empowerment: Empower women’s career and be an independent woman

Senior Citizen Care: A special treatment is always asked by the old aged people from the youth.

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