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Equality Approach is a National NGO, working with a Christian based approach of loving another as oneself, the members advocate for the recognition of rights of their beneficiaries through dialogues, research and evidence based negotiations for better policies, understanding at all levels and leadership, involvement in planning and sensitization on pathetic issues affecting their beneficiaries.

Equality Approach Uganda works to ensure the disable and elderly are considered in the national development projects and policies. Working with local partners and community settings, the organization develops programs that promotes comprehensive well being, physical, spiritual, emotional, social and economic welfare.

From inception, EAU has supported over 600 vulnerable beneficiaries with different services and trained over 102 care givers and household members with formal education, livelihood skills, advocacy skills, counseling and business management training.
With continued sensitization, training, peer counseling, psychosocial support, integration of Gender Based Violence, the organization partners to ensure timely access to quality services and referral of beneficiaries.
Through the Support Groups and peers, EAU strengthened community linkages and created demand for services for disabled and their partners. Many have since constantly been checked and treated on time using the site visiting ,doctors, counselors and physiotherapist. Those with challenging relationships, stigma, self denial and ignorance about pertinent issues were provided with a platform tailor made for their understandingand help.
Counseling against drugs abuse was carried to enhance family financial growth. As many joined saving group.



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