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Established in 2015, Book to Read foundation is a registered non-profit making organisation in Ghana that aims to develop literacy and technology by embedding the act and love of reading into children in basic schools.

To achieve this goal, the Foundation focuses on areas where there is the greatest impact : Literacy and Technology Development through reading.

Mission :

To help children become lifelong readers by empowering basic schools in the deprived communities with all the necessary reading tools and materials to achieve measurable results.

The challenge however is, most communities in Ghana lack substantial reading facilities which lead to a number of unique problems such as high illiteracy rate, poor language skills and more. These problems thus require equally unconventional solutions- the reason that led to the establishment of book to read foundation, a state-wide initiative that gives books — free of charge — to basic school children in deprived communities between the ages of five and sixteen working towards bridging the education gap.


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